The Blue Mountains is the place for an alternative ceremony

Not only do I perform traditional wedding services, but also unique options such as commitment ceremonies, pagan weddings, vow renewals and naming rituals.

Isobel & Ian

Unique Commitment Ceremonies

These are ideal for couples not wanting to legally be married. A Commitment Ceremony carries the same emotion, intent and weight of a wedding without being legally registered. As with a wedding service, there are numerous readings and rituals to choose from. A most beautiful ceremony can be created for your special day.

Cost: $490 (cost may differ slightly depending on ceremony choices)


Restate Your Love with Vow Renewal

What better way to rededicate yourselves to each other than with a public vow renewal ceremony? The Blue Mountains makes a striking location for vow renewal ceremonies. During this event you can remember why you first fell in love, recite words of commitment and create another special memory for family and friends. It is also a good excuse for a party!

Cost: $400 (cost may differ slightly depending on ceremony choices)



Commit with Pagan Ceremonies & Handfastings

Pagans celebrate weddings in a different form. Pagan weddings are celebrated as a communion with friends, family and nature. These rituals can include, circle casting, calling in of the four quarters (water, air, fire and earth), hand fasting, Goddess rituals, stone rites, jumping the broom, ale and bread, drumming and chanting.

Cost: $460-$680 depending on ceremony choices


Baby on Rose Petals

Welcome a New Member with a Naming Ceremony

Welcoming a new member of the family into the world is an important & joyous occasion. A Naming Ceremony can deepen family relationships & establish a loving circle of care for the child.
The Naming ritual serves to remind all concerned of the great responsibility involved in raising a child and to recognise and appoint those who will have an important role in the child’s life. The service can incorporate parents, grandparents, godparents (guardians) and siblings.

There are many rituals and readings to choose from – Candle Services, Wishes for the Child, Bubbles, Balloon Release (biodegradable), Pagan. Please contact me to discuss your special day.

Cost: $290

Whether you’re after a wedding, commitment ceremonies, or vow renewal I’m able to provide you with a memorable, personal experience.