*** The Notice of Intended Marriage must be executed and received by me at least one calendar month prior to the ceremony.

1. What are the legal requirements for marriage in Australia?

a. You must both be over 18 years of age. If one person is under the age of 18 marriage is still possible by parental consent as per section 12 of the Marriage Act.

b. A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be lodged with a Celebrant at least one calendar month prior to the wedding ceremony. I will prepare the document and witness your signatures. It is required that I also sight your original birth certificates or passports (electronic versions are acceptable). If either of you has been previously married then I need to sight an original Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate (electronic versions are acceptable).

You do NOT have to be an Australian Citizen or Resident to marry in Australia.

To obtain a copy of your NSW Birth Certificate or NSW Death Certificate of your former spouse contact the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

If you require a copy of your Divorce Certificate or Decree Absolute, contact the Family Law Court in the state in which the marriage was dissolved.  For further details visit Family Law Courts.

* If parties born overseas do not have a passport and are unable to obtain a full birth certificate, I can prepare a statutory declaration for your execution.

* Foreign language documents must be translated into English and a NAATI accredited Translation Certificate supplied.

2. Who can witness the ceremony?

The ceremony must be witnessed by two people, over the age of eighteen years. They must be able to speak and understand English, otherwise an interpreter will be required. At the completion of the ceremony the Couple, Witnesses and Celebrant are required to sign the Marriage Register and Certificate.

3. Do we have to attend any pre-marital courses?

No. However if you wish to find out further information about relationship counseling please contact the organisations below:

Relationships Australia 1300 364 277 www.relationships.com.au

Interrelate 1300 736 966 www.interrelate.org.au

As directed by the AG Department I will also give you the pamphlet Happily Ever….Before and After.

4. How do I change my name after the marriage ceremony?

The certificate you receive at the end of your ceremony is a commemorative certificate and will not support your application to change your identity documents. I will lodge the official documentation with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages on your behalf after the ceremony. You should then contact the Registry directly to obtain a legally recognised certificate. BDM NSW Marriage Certificate Application Form.  This will usually take 2-3weeks and incur a cost of $60.

Alternatively, I can lodge the application on your behalf as a courtesy service. This will mean a faster processing time for you. The cost is the same as you would incur at BDM. Please discuss with me at our meeting.

 5. Do you have insurance?

Yes. I possess both Professional Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. I also have Copyright Protection and APRA Music Licence.

6. What if you are sick on the day?

It has never happened (touch wood) – but if it does I am a member of a large network of celebrants who I can call upon in the case of an emergency.

7. What are the Celebrants responsibilities?

Please read the Celebrants Code of Practice by clicking here: 


8. What if I have a complaint?

Complaints can be made via the Attorney General’s Department click here for further information: