An alternative wedding venue – Secret Creek Cafe

I have performed quite a few weddings now at the Secret Creek Cafe in Lithgow. It is an absolutely unique and special location. A wildlife sanctuary within the lush Australian bushlands. The ceremony location is intimate and private – nestled amongst the rambling stone ruins of the old settlers cottage, you can hear the birds, frogs and the trickling of the stream. It has a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Once the emu’s even escorted the bridal party in! The cafe is full of rustic charm and the food is fabulous (but yes it is vegan). If you love Australian animals, the Aussie bush and vegan food then you must check this one out.

In tough times Love Shines!

It is certainly a tough time to be planning a wedding. And it has made me contemplate the meaning of marriage and the ritual itself.

For many couples, the importance lies in the promises they are making to each other and the ritual of rings which seal the deal. For others, it’s not so much about the ritual but more about family and friends coming together to acknowledge them as a couple.

The pandemic certainly impacts on the number of people we can have witnessing our weddings of late. Some couples are choosing to wait it out – others are going ahead and being flexible with guest numbers – some are happy to have an intimate, simple yet powerfully heartfelt ceremony with just two witnesses.

Flexibility is key at the moment. Remember that this too shall pass. Love always wins out in the end.

Love in the time of Covid

Over the past few months we have witnessed an enormous amount of upheaval, uncertainty and change. We have cried together and supported each other through fires, floods and pandemics. And always love has shone through. For the human experience is one of love. If your big day has been affected by this global pandemic, take it in your stride, remember that love is the most important thing. You can change the number of people, the venue, the date. It may be disappointing but it will all work out in the end. I have performed a number of Covid weddings – and they have been heartfelt, intimate, beautiful events. Some of my couples have chosen to postpone and that is ok too. I am looking forward to a very busy 2021!

Love is in the Air!

Now that the Marriage Equality Bill has been passed I have been busier than ever!  And that is such a lovely thing!  March and April 2018 are shaping up to be the months for weddings in 2018.  Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to tie the knot up here in the Blue Mountains.  The trees are glorious in their red and gold hues and the weather is sunny with a note of crispness in the evenings.

Time for a few more photos of recent Mountains weddings.

Prince Georges Lookout – Blackheath – 2017

So happy at Mount Wilson!

Beautiful Katoomba Escarpment views – 2017

At home in Faulconbridge – 2017

Family affair – 2017

Aussie bush wedding – 2017

Gorgeous elopement – 2017

Secret Creek Cafe – Lithgow 2017

Ceremony as individual as you are – Hazelbrook 2017

Katoomba Falls – 2017

Love a kilted wedding! – 2017

Love Wins!

What an historic day for Australia.  Love wins and marriage equality will become a reality. I am so very proud of my country and it’s people for making the right choice.

Love is love.

It’s Autumn again!

My favourite season is here! All those lovely tones of red, orange and brown make for some awesome wedding snaps here in the mountains.

My Fall weddings thus far have included beautiful private and intimate elopements, fun family affairs and a wild and wacky Sci-Fi wedding.

One of my favourite things about this job is I am blessed to be able to participate in such a wide variety of ceremonies – all of which are perfect for the couple being married.  Your wedding, your way I say! Be brave, be bold and have the wedding you truly want!