Handfasting at the Fairmont


Lovely spring has arrived as so has the flurry of gorgeous spring weddings.  Think buds on trees, birds singing sweetly, blue skies and sunshine.  But let’s face it this is the Mountains so you still need a jacket.

James and Peter were handfasted at the Fairmont Resort – it was a beautiful ceremony and I had a ton of fun meeting their lovely families who were delighted to be there. (hopefully a photo will be forthcoming – they looked amazing)

I must admit I have a soft spot for handfastings.  I love all things celtic and ancient and the Mountains provides that earthy, natural bush setting that goes so well with a handfasting ritual.  Whether it is coloured ribbons or traditional cord it is an absolute joy. But it isn’t for everyone – that is what is so great about being a celebrant. I get to participate in a wide variety of wedding ceremonies, everyone is different and every ceremony should reflect the couple’s personality.  I have done Lord of the Rings, Dr Who, Faery, Victorian, Buddhist, Wicken, Hindu, Chilli, Barefoot, Under a Waterfall in Gumboots, and even a wedding in a cafe (and the waiters threw rice at the end!)

And all this kerfuffle about the simple task of making marriage a right for all Australians is madness.  All it takes is for the politicians to change the Marriage Act – which is by my understanding not a difficult thing.  But it has to be drawn out into an expensive and potentially hurtful plebiscite. I truly hope that marriage equality will not be far away for our beautiful country.