Wonderful Winter


Time for an update.

We haven’t had very much snow up here in the Mountains this winter (boo hoo). But we have had days full of spectacular sunny winter skies and crisp clear air. Perfect for winter wonderland weddings!

I love the way weddings are an opportunity for couples to show their individuality and quirkiness. Everything from angel wings to wooden wedding rings to snow flake decorations and a ring box shaped like a Tardis!

Be bold, be brave – create the ceremony that is in your heart. Remember it is your day so do it your way!

This month I had the absolute pleasure of performing a couple of “elopement” style weddings. One in a gorgeous rustic cabin in the middle of the bush. Very secluded and private with the lyrebird’s song to accompany the ceremony.

And another in a gorgeous boutique hotel – with french champagne and an open fire. Beautiful!



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I promise to blog more……

My bad.  I keep forgetting to blog. I promise I will do better.

Well winter has settled in and the beautiful winter days have been the perfect backdrops for wedding ceremonies.  Now normally winter is my downtime but the idea of Winter Weddings must be catching on because I have been flat out over the past month.

My Carrington Hotel couple almost had a “white wedding” with the threat of snow looming.  It ended up only being a light flourish but very pretty nevertheless.

A few couples braved the weather for spectacular scenic lookout weddings.

Even though Autumn is my favourite season – winter is not far behind it.  I think Winter Weddings are wonderful (and I do offer a 10% discount too).

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I love Autumn!

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year.  The colours are just magnificent.  I love autumn weather in particular – not too hot, not too cold but just right.

Today I had the pleasure of marrying a gorgeous young couple out in the Kanimbla Valley. A breathtaking location which Lucie and Pavel are lucky enough to call home.  We had to wade across the stream to get to their favourite location – a cascade of green and grey boulders.


Check out their home (which is also a lodge for rent)  http://www.6fttracklodge.com

My second wedding of the day was equally as enchanting.  Held at one of my favourite guest houses The Hideaway Retreat in Wentworth Falls.  The autumn leaves provided some absolutely gorgeous photos.





Well today I had the pleasure of marrying a lovely couple in their Faulconbridge home.  The bride was 7months pregnant and all the guests thought they were coming for a baby shower.  Little did they know there was more than just jumping castles and red cordial planned.  It is so nice when a couple do it “their way”. The ceremony was relaxed and laid back but also very special and intimate.  Lots of children were present, lots of bubble blowing and laughter.  Magical.


Barefooted Bride

Have you ever thought about ditching the uncomfortable high heels and going for a more free spirited look on your wedding day?!

I am not saying it would work in all climates but look how pretty bare feet can be.

Check these out.  http://www.foreversoles.com/collections/barefoot-sandals


Welcome to my first blog!

IMG_4021_2Welcome to my first blog! I am very excited to be able to share with you the ins and outs of wedding celebrant secret business (well not so secret really).

Have you ever wondered what a celebrant does to prepare themselves for a ceremony? Well apart from the mandatory grooming requirements (looking good in the photos is a must – no-one wants a dishevelled celebrant in their wedding album) there are also the physical warm ups

Now, I am not talking gym workouts or sit ups – but the vocal workout kind. Any public speaker will tell you that to do the best presentation possible takes training and practice. You want to be clear, easily understood, not stumble over words, and have a pleasant sounding voice. I usually do my exercises in the car – I do a number of vocal and facial warm-ups, much like an actor or singer would. Scales, tongue twisters, facial exercises, jaw shakes and breathing (I must look a sight to the other drivers!)

Now to the weddings! I had a very beautiful wedding at The Everglades Historic Gardens in Leura last weekend. What a truly romantic setting for a wedding. Leanne and Dylan were beaming with joy, the sun was shining and the view was breathtaking. Everglades was built in the 1930s as a Blue Mountains retreat. Set on over twelve and a half acres of European-style gardens and native Australian bush with breathtaking views over the Jamison Valley in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. Everglades is part of the NSW Historic Gardens Trust and allows only a limited number of weddings per year. So if you are considering it for your big day book well in advance.